Mistä tunnistaa laadukkaan lankakorin?

When it comes to storage systems, the various possibilities of wire baskets are widely discussed: these baskets are an excellent solution for many types of storage needs! A good quality wire basket lasts for a long time in good condition, is timeless and stylish – and most of all a handy way to store many different things in everyday life.

There are many wire baskets on the market, and at first glance they might all look the same. Thus, it might sometimes be hard to tell why there is a price difference between two baskets that look very similar. There are many factors that affect the price of a wire basket, for example material, design, slide mechanism and size. How can you tell if a wire basket is good quality and what should you look out for when choosing a wire basket?

Installing a quality wire basket is easy

You can tell the quality of a wire basket when it’s time to install it. A quality wire basket does not need any hassle or extra work. It should be easy to install with just simple directions. At Lanka of Finland, we have developed an innovative feature to our baskets – making it very simple for the baskets to be fitted into standard sized cabinets even if the measurements vary a millimeter or two. With this feature, our baskets can also be easily installed if the floor is not completely straight.

Another innovative feature in our wire baskets is related to their design, as the baskets do not scratch the cabinet door when pulling them out. Thanks to the same mechanism, the door does not break the basket or its slide mechanism even if they collide with stronger force. Our high-standard quality control makes sure that our baskets don’t have sharp spikes or wires that could damage the cabinet or things stored in the baskets.

Light and easy to use

Wire baskets are often used to store things and clothes that are essential to everyday life. This is why we pay extra attention to the comfortability and safety of their use. A quality wire basket is light to use: the slides don’t get stuck and the basket doesn’t feel heavy when pulling it out. It’s also important to pay attention to how much weight a wire basket can hold. A quality wire basket can hold higher weights without starting to bend or break over time.

A quality wire basket consists of the basket itself but also slides. There are many things to note when it comes to wire basket slides – maybe more than you could even think of! Slides for example determine how much weight the basket can hold. One of the most important safety features in slides is that they prevent the basket from falling out of the cabinet when pulling the basket out.

Quality slides hold your basket in place, but also make it easy to lift the basket out of its place in case of cleaning. But this should only happen when you want it to happen: a wire basket should never fall out of the cabinet on its own in normal use. If you want to get the best comfort when using your basket, choose soft closing slides.

Spacious and efficient way to store things

One of the best features of wire baskets is that they are very spacious: you can store a lot in one wire basket. The dense bottom wire net makes sure things don’t fall out from the bottom of the basket. Quality slides make it possible to roll the whole basket out of the cabinet, making it easier to see what’s in the basket with just one glance. If you choose larger wire baskets for your storage, make sure to pay attention to how much weight they can carry safely.

Thanks to their design, wire baskets store things very spaciously. This is especially good when it comes to storing clothes. A wire basket and it’s airy design help prevent unpleasant smells even when clothes are not used frequently. Wire baskets are also handy at keeping closets and storage rooms clean: all the dust and dirt falls through the basket onto the bottom of the cabinet, where it can easily be wiped away.

Wire baskets made from quality materials do not rust over time and their coating does not crumble. Thus, quality wire baskets will keep your storage looking fresh for long. The stylish design and outer appearance of the baskets is also very pleasing to the eye. The Lanka of Finland symbol is a guarantee that you’ve chosen a quality wire basket for your use!


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