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Product Code: 841801
Wall storage system organizes your stuff once and for all! The storage system is fastened firmly on the wall with wall rails. The installation is easy. Color anthracite.
The storage system creates extra space and helps organize clothes, shoes, boxes and other household items. With sturdy wall rails (height 200 cm) and adjustable wire shelves (width 60 cm), you can easily assemble the storage system to fit your needs. You can vary the position of the shelves as you like. The best part is that you can easily use the entire space from floor to ceiling!

The install rail (LM 826) is mounted horizontally at the appropriate height at the top of the wall. The wall rails (LM 816) are suspended from the install rail with a separate holder (LM 823). The install rail makes it easy to install the storage system. Thanks to the rail bracket, the wall rail can be moved steplessly to a suitable installation location.

The shelf support is attached to the wall rail by hanging. The location of the sturdy brackets is easy to change. The wire shelf is mounted on the shelf support (LM 817) using the install strip (LM 818). Thanks to the install strip, the end of the wire shelf does not have to be directly below the shelf support. The clothes rail (LM 333) is attached to the shelf support on the clothes tube support (LM 824), and the clothes rail end plug (LM 825) is used to prevent the clothes bar from falling off the support.

The material of the wire shelves is high-quality steel wire and the coating is durable epoxy. The material of the wall rails is impact-resistant epoxy-painted steel. Recommended weight per shelf evenly loaded max 20 kg. The load capacity can be increased by adding an additional wall rail in the middle of the shelves.

- 20 pcs 5X50 countersunk head screw
- 5 pcs 5X40 round head self-tapping screw
- 25 pcs 8X40 wall mounting bracket
Additional Information
EAN 6417141841814
Color Anthracite
Sales unit pcs
Weight 8,3 kg
Width 600 mm
Depth 357 mm
Height 2 mm0 mm
Material Epoxy/steel wire
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Warranty 5 years