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Key Flag. Manufactured in Finland.


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Product Code: 681108
Laundry basket for the small cabinet, makes organizing laundry and bathroom supplies easier. The basket slides out of the cabinet by rolling rails.
The so-called 300 cabinet is narrow, and storage is limited. We took this into consideration in the design, and optimized the basket's storage space to its maximum. The product's rails are fixed in the centre of the basket, which gives the basket an ideal width, and in addition the basket walls are almost vertical. The dense bottom mesh keeps items in the basket, and the basket is suited for storing bathroom supplies, like wash liquid and hair spray bottles. The basket can be raised handily out of the cabinet and taken along to the wash room by the wash machine. By installing several laundry baskets in a closet, you can sort laundry straight based on the washed load.

Fits in closets with inside width of 266 mm to 270 mm. Installing is easy: the basket rails are fixed to the side walls of the closet, and the product is ready for use. The laundry basket rails have integrated 13 mm raisers, so troublesome raiser sections are not required. The structure of the rails allows variation of the closet inside width by 4 mm. The product is suited for use in a hinged closet where the door comes to maximum of 13 mm in front of the basket. The high-quality rails prevent the basket from falling out of the rails when the basket is pulled out. The front edge of the basket is shaped so that it sweeps the door away and prevents a collision with the rail.

Load bearing 20kg

Basket depth 400 mm, total depth with rails 421 mm

Manufactured in Finland.
Additional Information
EAN 6417141681182
Color Anthracite
Sales unit pcs
Weight 1,7 kg
Width 235 mm
Depth 421 mm
Height 300 mm
Material Epoxy/steelwire, runners steel/nylon
Warranty 5 years