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4 The roots of our company reach into year 1955, when brothers Eino and Heikki Pohjanlehto were developing a whisk for cooking. Lanka ja Muo- vi Ky was founded for this purpose, and a small workshop was built in Pori, a town on the west coast of Finland. While developing new products, surface treat- ment of products became a problem. Since no ne- cessary technology was available in Finland, Eino set out to find a solution abroad. At the turn of 1956 to 1957, a suitable raw material was found in Italy, and Eino received a small sample batch of polyethylene powder from the manufacturer. Coating test was performed in Pori, Kiertokatu, in a regular kitchen oven of an apartment house. A successful experiment lead in to sizable invest - ment, and we were the first in Finland to introdu - ce polyethylene plastic coating method on metal. This inspiration launched a strong growth for our company. Product lines quickly expanded to co- ver all home storage needs. inventive systems for over 60 years photo taken in the 1960s photo taken in the 1960s photo taken in the 1950s