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SLIDING TROUSER SHELF SILVER 537x430x105 (cabinet 566-570) LM 652

Product Code: 652109
A handy trouser rack helps keeping trousers in neat order. Fits in a cabinet with inner width of 566mm to 570mm. Depth of shelf is 430mm, and height 105mm.
There are spikes under the trouser rack level which can be used for hanging trousers, and on top the shelf you can keep other clothes or items. In the pull-put trouser rack your trousers keep straight and neat. Thanks to the shelf, you are able to utilize the space above the trouser rack as well.

Installing the trouser/hanging rack is easy, as no troublesome raisers are needed.Read More
Additional Information
EAN 6417141652199
Country of Manufacture Finland
Color Silver
Sales unit pcs
Weight 2,4 kg
Width 537 mm
Depth 430 mm
Height 105 mm
Material Epoxy/steelwire, runners steel/nylon

Availability: In stock

Price 33.40 € Incl. Tax Price 26.94 € outside EU