Lanka Finland Catalog

39 coatings and materials • Our plastic products are made of plastic suitable for recycling. All the plastic from our processes are processed further and utilized as raw material for new plastic products. • All materials and coating alternatives we use have food-safe approvals, and meet the requirements of the RoHS directive and the REACH Act. • We manufacture metal and plastic products for companies in custom colours, please ask for availability of your own colour using RAL numbers or a colour model. • We use chrome powder paint coating for products which do not require abrasion resistance. Chrome powder painting is less damaging to the environment than traditional 3 or 6 chroming. • We constantly develop product materials, and try to find new more environmentally friendly alternatives. Of the steel wire we use minimum of 70 % is made of recycled material. PLASTICS: Various plastic types: ABS, polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), HD polyethylene and LD polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE). The plastic types have been carefully selected according to the purpose of use. • Colours: red, yellow, blue, birch green, anthracite, white, brown, grey, black. Plastic colours: METAL COATING ALTERNATIVES: Epoxy, or epoxy polyester powder painted surface is thin, hard, and shock-proof. Under the powder paint, a conversion treatment is given on case by case basis to improve corrosion resistance. • Standard colours: anthracite (new), silver, chrome, black, and white Polyethylene or LD polyethylene coated surface is durable, flexible and very corrosion resistant. • Standard colours: anthracite (new), silver, white Special coatings: • In chroming, we use 3-chrome which contains no chrome acid chemicals. A chromed surface is very corrosion and wear resistant. • A gloss zinc product is coated with a layer of zinc, and after - wards it is blue passivated. A glossy zinc surface is very cor - rosion and wear resistant. A lacquer treatment is given to the zinc coated surface, if the product is assumed to be in contact with foodstuffs. Anthracite (dark grey) Silver (silver grey) Gloss zinc Chrome White Black Metal colours: Due to print technical reasons, colours may vary from the real ones. Due to constant product development we reserve the right to make changes. Birch green Anthracite White Red Brown Yellow Grey Blue Black