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26 STORAGE Using various sizes of rolling baskets, you can build a stora- ge system meeting your needs into existing cabinetry. When clothes are in neat order, you always know where to find cer - tain ones. Unlike traditional shelves, a wire basket gathers no dust, and clothes stay fresh for longer. Dividers are available for low rolling basket for dividing the basket in two or more zones. With dividers, you can ar- range the gloves and woolly hats in their own space in the hall cabinet. In bedroom dressing baskets, the dividers are well suited for example organizing the sock basket. A handy trouser rack helps keeping your trouser in order, and at the same time they are kept straight and tidy during storage. Smaller items, such as handbags or belts, can be kept on the trouser rack tray. With shoe shelves, your shoes stay in good shape and organized. Both flat sole and heeled shoes go in two rows in the shoe shelf. Note also other shoe storage solution on page 33. Shelves are great for storing storage boxes intended small items, and especially for upper sections of cabinets. You can see through the shelf, thanks to the steel wire construction, so you don’t need to guess what you are keeping in the up- per section. Thanks to the airy structure, dust doesn’t accu- mulate in places where it is hard to clean up. storage • Products are suited both for hinged door and sliding door cabinets. • Product construction prevents collisions with the closet back wall, or falling in lateral direction, or when pulled out. • The product does not scrape the door due it’s design. • Installing is easy due to the integrated 13 mm raiser strip in the cabinet runners. • Products roll lightly thanks to the nylon rollers of the runners. • Anti-slip mats are available for baskets, and the same Anti- slip mats fit shoe trays, for example. By installing a hard bottom board on the shoe tray, the shoes under it will avoid dirt and damp. • Fits cabinet with hinged door, where the door is no more than 13 mm in front of the cabinet. Measurement is made from inside the cabinet, from side wall to the door edge. Measuring instructions Cabinet door max. 13 mm Cabinet seen from above. Cabinet side wall Cabinet door